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Bucks for Buckeyes

​Bucks for Buckeyes is officially live

Learn everything you need to know to get started here​

Bucks for Buckeyes is a special savings account product where Ohio credit union members earn entries into a cash prize raffle by making $20 deposits every month.  It is an exciting new way for credit unions to increase deposits and grow membership while educating members on the benefits of saving.  Ohio credit union members can save for emergency expenses, vacation, or a down payment on a home, all while earning a chance to win a larger prize pool.  We offer monthly, quarterly, and annual drawings.

While this is a great product for any member, data from other states illustrate that prize-linked savings accounts are popular among youth, non-members, and low-to-moderate income consumers. Driving tangible results can be a win-win for your credit union, as Bucks for Buckeyes can also assist in deepening member relationships and contributing to a holistic deposit strategy.
​​For more information related to this new and exciting product, contact the following League staff:

Regulatory Counsel 
Miriah Lee
(800) 486-2917, ext. 262, mlee@ohiocul.org, or, 

Advocacy Coordinator 
Jamila Collins 
(800) 486-2917, ext. 263